Be like Bamboo in your next Interview

Job Interviews, Public Speaking and Taxes are are three (semi-masochistic but) necessary experiences. I enjoy professional Job interviews; they have been one of the best character building experiences for me so far. All are fear-inducing, thrilling and potentially rewarding; but can you balance your sense of self and your professional appeal in a job interview? … Read more

Understanding Gen-Y & the Barnum (effect)

Since starting my own career journey in the glossed halls of retail in 2008, I have had some compelling experiences. As a result, I am motivated to improve the experience of Gen Y in our workplaces. As a paid employee and Intern/Volunteer, I have regularly witnessed and experienced (the) varying degrees of success in the … Read more

The Beacham team’s next generation. Helping us celebrate our 4-year anniversary milestone

In April 2012, Beacham commenced operations. We proudly celebrated achieving this 4-year milestone in our journey with some of the next generation of Beacham Group employees – our kids, helping with the celebrations! Having our children involved this year reinforced one the many reasons why we and some other founders start a business and take … Read more

Winter is coming…5 recent survey tips to help retain your employees

Winter is coming…if you’re a GoT fan, you’ll no doubt be starting your preparation and planning for Season 6 which starts in a few days.  You will have already watched the new season trailers on Youtube (15 million+ and counting),  read various wiki’s, fan pages etc, and with your work colleagues (who are fans) tried … Read more

Do you have first aid skills? They could be more valuable than your degree

This week had our team discussing first aid in today’s workplace. It also had me thinking – imagine if every employee had regular first aid training. All of this came about as each year, every Beacham Group employee completes a full day first aid training course as part of their ongoing training and development program. … Read more

Don’t underestimate the value of Perth’s “liveability” rating in your future talent attraction strategy

Written by Glenn Beauchamp Managing Director | Principal IT/ICT Executive Recruiter  Western Australia is well known for its fantastic entrepreneurial talent and rich culture of optimism, mixed with a ‘give it a go’ approach.  Combine this with a capital city that is ranked as one of the top ten places in the world to live and work, … Read more

Why you should be recruiting ALL the time

Written by Glenn Beauchamp Managing Director | Principal IT/ICT Executive Recruiter Effective recruiting is a proactive process that’s ongoing, running 24/7, 365 days a year. If you’re genuinely passionate about hiring the right people in a growing, global knowledge economy, you need to keep hiring for the future top of mind. As an effective, and … Read more

3 Qualities that make IT & Digital Professionals hireable

Written by Robbie Nolan, Senior ICT Recruitment Consultant Hiring IT or Digital professionals? Hire for passion, potential and personality. Passion I believe the best indicator of future performance is passion. People who are passionate about what they do go the extra mile in a number of ways. Take troubleshooting for example. I consistently come across … Read more