Looking for a new job? Make the human connection!

Written by Robbie Nolan, Senior ICT Recruitment Consultant     In many formal, company-run hiring processes, the human is removed. Candidates are asked to put their case forward in digital format by applying online with a digital document or sending a digital document over a electronic mail. The candidate’s application sits in a inbox such … Read more

What to do when you face losing an A-Player employee (Part 1)

Written by Glenn Beauchamp Managing Director | Principal IT/ICT Executive Recruiter   When a good employee leaves, it’s never easy. When that employee is one of your star “A-Player” employees it’s hurts even more. There are a number of things you should do during, after, and in the future to minimise the impact. Not say … Read more

Selfie Video Resumes – the new “get hired quick” hack!

Do you feel like you’re a little inexperienced when it comes to interviewing for jobs and want to know how you really come across? Ever missed out on that awesome job opportunity because you knew you mucked up your interview? Dare I say it…ahem, but take a leaf out of KK’s “book” (aka Kim Kardashian), … Read more

Recruitment: Five fail-safe hiring tips and three principles to live by

April marked three dynamic years for Beacham Group, a startup championing big business thinking. The West Australian executive recruitment and HR consulting firm launched in 2012. Early in his career, managing director and principal executive recruiter Glenn Beauchamp acquired a taste for starting his own business. “I treated all my employment experiences as an apprenticeship,” … Read more