Privacy Awareness

Privacy Awareness Week recently ended (9th – 15 May 2016), so it’s a good time to review if your business is compliant with the Privacy Laws which changed in March 2014. The National Privacy Principals and Information Privacy Principals where replaced with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). Here at Beacham Group we take our compliance … Read more

Superannuation – is it time to update your beneficiaries?

Not many people spend much time thinking about matters such as what will happen to your superannuation after you pass away. For a lot of people, it’s fill in a form with your fund when you register with them then set and forget. Did you know if you your beneficiaries on your superannuation account are … Read more

Are you building resilience in your employees?

What can employers do to manage the stress and well-being of employees? In a market where companies are downsizing and making significant changes in their businesses, it is important to have a mentally healthy workplace. It is a stressful time for many, employees managing with changes to organisations, and remaining positive is key to maintaining … Read more

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