Autonomous Motorbikes and/or Robots

Autonomous Motorbikes and/or Robots

In a previous blog I mentioned about Autonomous Cars and how they are set to revolutionise how we travel (click here to read).

Yamaha are well known for their Motorbikes, for speed, power and performance. Now the engineers at Yamaha have come up with something new, the ‘Yamaha Motobot’.

The Motobot will be able to sit on an unmodified motorbike and control the throttle, brake lever and pedal, clutch and transmission and steer left and right. The Motobot will be fully autonomous, and able to control motions at high speed. Well – that’s what Yamaha want, right now its work in progress as it currently requires humans to get the robot going, however Yamaha said it will be able to ride round the track at more than 200km/h.

The robot is going to need a very high degree of accuracy, as it will be travelling at high speed, which means the control systems mustbe very accurate too, otherwise there may be a robot clean up required when he implodes crashing against something.

Yamaha aim to have the Motobot capable of cornering and running a slalom course by the end of this year riding at up to 62 miles per hour. By 2017 they want the robot to be riding at 124 miles per hour/

Theres a video below where you can see the robot in action

How would you feel about a robot riding past you in the street? Do you think they would make good delivery drivers or is it a step too far?

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