Why your LinkedIn profile can be like a fantastic burger

As a recruiter, I love LinkedIn. Not all the roles I work would be advertised on websites such as Seek so a large proportion of my time can be spent headhunting. Your LinkedIn profile is a great way to advertise yourself. To show off what you do, what make you – you, and also what … Read more

The Beacham team’s next generation. Helping us celebrate our 4-year anniversary milestone

In April 2012, Beacham commenced operations. We proudly celebrated achieving this 4-year milestone in our journey with some of the next generation of Beacham Group employees – our kids, helping with the celebrations! Having our children involved this year reinforced one the many reasons why we and some other founders start a business and take … Read more

Winter is coming…5 recent survey tips to help retain your employees

Winter is coming…if you’re a GoT fan, you’ll no doubt be starting your preparation and planning for Season 6 which starts in a few days.  You will have already watched the new season trailers on Youtube (15 million+ and counting),  read various wiki’s, fan pages etc, and with your work colleagues (who are fans) tried … Read more

Windows 10 – One year on

Previously I wrote about Windows 10, the pro’s and con’s of it before the release (which you can read here). We are almost a year on, since Microsoft released Windows 10, which has been one of Microsoft’s most successful operating systems in terms of adoption rate. Above you can see three data sources showing Windows … Read more

Do you have first aid skills? They could be more valuable than your degree

This week had our team discussing first aid in today’s workplace. It also had me thinking – imagine if every employee had regular first aid training. All of this came about as each year, every Beacham Group employee completes a full day first aid training course as part of their ongoing training and development program. … Read more

Job hunting in a bear economy? Some different strategies for your success.

Finding and securing a new role that fits your career aspirations is hard. Job hunting when your local economy is in a bear market cycle is even harder. There are a number of strategies you can execute to “create the market” in a proactive manner, and not be a victim of a market cycle, and … Read more

Google’s Virtual Reality is coming!

You may have read a previous blog I did abouthttps://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/oculus-rift-virtual-reality-headset-name-you-hear-lot-jason-crooks/Oculus Rift – a virtual reality headset backed and owned by Facebook earlier this year; however Google is now planning to release their own, that isn’t made simply of cardboard. This makes complete sense, as in another blog – I mention that VR hit Youtube,which is … Read more

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