What are the eight eternal career skills you’ll need for the future?

As we continue to move more into the digitally disruptive age, several of  your career skills will stand the test of time.  What are they, and how can you maintain and improve them to help future-proof your employability?  1.  Teach, Coach & Mentor: these three skills work “hand in glove” together, and when combined as … Read more

Why your LinkedIn profile can be like a fantastic burger

As a recruiter, I love LinkedIn. Not all the roles I work would be advertised on websites such as Seek so a large proportion of my time can be spent headhunting. Your LinkedIn profile is a great way to advertise yourself. To show off what you do, what make you – you, and also what … Read more

Understanding Gen-Y & the Barnum (effect)

Since starting my own career journey in the glossed halls of retail in 2008, I have had some compelling experiences. As a result, I am motivated to improve the experience of Gen Y in our workplaces. As a paid employee and Intern/Volunteer, I have regularly witnessed and experienced (the) varying degrees of success in the … Read more

Superannuation – is it time to update your beneficiaries?

Not many people spend much time thinking about matters such as what will happen to your superannuation after you pass away. For a lot of people, it’s fill in a form with your fund when you register with them then set and forget. Did you know if you your beneficiaries on your superannuation account are … Read more

Winter is coming…5 recent survey tips to help retain your employees

Winter is coming…if you’re a GoT fan, you’ll no doubt be starting your preparation and planning for Season 6 which starts in a few days.  You will have already watched the new season trailers on Youtube (15 million+ and counting),  read various wiki’s, fan pages etc, and with your work colleagues (who are fans) tried … Read more

Are you building resilience in your employees?

What can employers do to manage the stress and well-being of employees? In a market where companies are downsizing and making significant changes in their businesses, it is important to have a mentally healthy workplace. It is a stressful time for many, employees managing with changes to organisations, and remaining positive is key to maintaining … Read more

Do you have first aid skills? They could be more valuable than your degree

This week had our team discussing first aid in today’s workplace. It also had me thinking – imagine if every employee had regular first aid training. All of this came about as each year, every Beacham Group employee completes a full day first aid training course as part of their ongoing training and development program. … Read more

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