Getting in front of hiring managers

Getting in front of hiring managers

Written by Robbie Nolan, Senior ICT Recruitment Consultant

People hire people. People do not hire emails, PDFs, Word documents or online portfolios. If you want to get noticed by hiring managers, get to know them and them to know you. Here’s how…

Personal Branding. Have a solid LinkedIn profile with written references so that if your name comes up in conversations about hiring, you will be recommended to hiring managers who in turn will get a good impression of you when they look you up. Join industry groups on LinkedIn and comment on topical issues and share your knowledge. This is all part of what is known as ‘personal branding’. Write a blog and get your name out there.

Twitter. Building familiarity, rapport and eventually relationships is quite straightforward these days because of social media. Twitter is by far the easiest way of doing this because you don’t even have to be connected with anyone to live in their world. Just follow those you are interested in becoming familiar with. You might find out which event they will be attending and what their favorite topics are. Tweet regularly and share your insight.

Get networking. Go to as many industry functions, conferences and meetups ( that you can. Build up a presence within your industry. Many of the best career opportunities out there never get advertised so the more hiring managers you connect with the better. Plan where you want to go in your career, ask others how you can achieve that and what the best companies are to help you along the way. Go to the events / meetups / conferences that your target companies and therefore hiring managers are attending. Make the human connection.

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