How would you handle an autonomous vehicle?

Written by Jason Crooks – Associate Recruitment Consultant

Transportation is a hot topic at the minute, with the likes of Uber on every street, electric cars, and how technology is becoming more and more revolutionary in the market. Even this morning I saw that Virgin and Qantas are updating their A330 series of planes.


Google has probably been one of the most well known companies for constantly releasing information about their self driving car. They actually use them somewhat for Google Maps, to update the routes on there.


However, would you trust the technology? Technology is known to go wrong, break, loose connectivity. We all know driving causes a lot of accidents in itself, so how would you feel about losing the control of steering and letting the car drive you?


There are a large number of companies now looking into autonomous cars – BMW is one (video below), and reports show that Apple is another.





According to Forbes:


“Ford CEO expects fully autonomous cars by 2020” In an interview with Forbes, Mark Fields, CEO of Ford estimated that fully autonomous vehicles would be available on the market within 5 years. But he was reluctant to claim that Ford would have an autonomous vehicle on the market by then. (Source: Forbes, 2015-02-09).”


Are you happy with losing control or would a self driving car definitely not be on your purchase list?


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