iPad Pro VS Surface Pro 4 – Pro’s Con’s & The Comparison

iPad Pro VS Surface Pro 4 – Pro’s Con’s & The Comparison

Apple has stuck with the aluminium unibody design that can be found on most of their devices. Microsoft has a silvery magnesium shell. The Surface Pro 4 has an attaching keyboard via a magnetic hinge, where the iPad Pro has a cover that can attach and also passes data and power through a small smart connector.

Size wise, the Surface Pro is slightly smaller 11.5 inches wide 7.9inches tall and 0.33inches thick.

The iPad Pro is 12inches wide, 8.6 inches tall and 0.27 inches thick. The iPad is slimmer and lighter to touch than the surface.

If you need something bigger and thinner go with the iPad Pro, however if you enjoy the fact you can turn the tablet into a laptop easily the Surface Pro 4 is the way to go.


The iPad Pro has a larger display – 12.9 inches with a resolution of 2,721 x 2048. 264 PPI.

The Surface Pro 4 has a 12.3 inch display with a 2,763×1824 resolution. 267 PPI.

There is no real difference here, the display difference will hardly be noticeable in all honesty.


The Surface Pro 4 gives you different hardware specifications to choose from, you can opt for different processors such as a Core i7 and up to 16GB of RAM. The base model has 4GB, so if you need performance this is clearly the way to go.

The iPad Pro has only 1 hardware specification, Apple’s A9X Processor and 4GB’s of RAM.

The Surface Pro definitely wins on this front as it offers more choice specifically like a laptop.


The iPad Pro comes in 32GB or 128GB models.

The Surface Pro 4 starts at 128GB but is also being offered with 256GB, 512GB or 1TB of storage.


Both devices come with Bluetooh, and WiFi and a 3.5mm headphone port. The iPad has the option for mobile data however, through a Sim Card Slot.

The Surface Pro 4 has a USB Port, a mini display port and a microSD card reader. The Surface Pro’s USB port means you could simply plug in a dongle to access the internet.

Battery Life

The iPad Pro boast 10 hours’ battery life between charges.

The Surface Pro 4, Microsoft say will last for 9 hours.

Operating System

I am staying away from the iOS vs Windows debate on this one. iOS has a lot of apps and games already for its platform. Surface Pro 4 offers Windows 10. So if you are looking for the tablet experience the iPad Pro is probably better however if you are looking for a laptop experience or replacement the Surface Pro 4 is probably better to do general day to day work on.


Both devices sport an 8MP camera on the back and a 5MP front facing selfie camera.


Pencils – Apple has released a Pencil to use with the iPad Pro, that last 12 hours before charging. It costs $99 extra however.

Microsoft has a Surface Pen that comes with the Surface Pro 4 that include a digital eraser, interchangeable heads and a year long battery. – Big Pro in comparison.

Keyboards – Apples keyboard is made from a woven material, its very slim, not backlit and doesn’t include a fingerprint reader for security.

Microsoft’s keyboard however has a large trackpad, backlighting, and fingerprint security. It also comes in multiple colours, compared to the iPad Pro smart keyboard that comes in 1 colour. The Microsoft Keyboard is also cheaper.


The iPad Pro starts at $799 for the 32GB version. Add the Keyboard and Pencil and you are looking at $1,067.

The Surface Pro 4 starts at $899 for the CoreM3, 4GB Ram, 128GB model. Add the keyboard and you are looking at $1028.

Price wise you get more value out of the Microsoft device.

For me personally the Surface would be the device of choice, a USB port is invaluable, and the fact that you can choose different specifications mean those that need a bit of power in the device can get it built for it, and use it as a laptop replacement however unhinge the keyboard for a tablet use.

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