Market Update – July 2020

Monthly Technology Market Update Perth, Western Australia, July 2020

July for most WA businesses is reset/refresh/kick off of a new financial year. And we needed it!  It was great to hear stories of people making the most of the school holidays and resetting themselves for the back half of the year.


Work anywhere – or can you?

There continues to be lots of discussions about where people work in the future.  Consensus looks to be moving to a “workspace” (not WFH) philosophy where as long as you’re meeting your employer’s obligations (OSH, security, confidentiality, productivity etc) you can be productive nearly anywhere.  We are hearing a number of people are back in the office working 2-4 days, and the balance in another location, wherever that may be.


Employee Assistance Programs:

WA’s last mining boom was a boon. We also saw an increase in worker mental health issues.  This is also the case with C-19.  If you need help, please ask. Most employers have EAP programs and there are a number of options available. Here is a starting point – (


Here is our monthly update on Perth’s information technology community.


Your key takeaway –

  • Globally, we know we’re all in this Covid-19 challenge together. Living in Australia we’re very lucky to be in WA which at present is fairing very, very well compared to other countries and States. (NSW for example has seen a quarter on quarter decline in permanent hiring (-32.4%) compared WA (-9.3%) in the last quarter).
  • Mining & resources and government are the two main revenue sources for firms at present, however other industries are starting to shine.
  • We’ve arrested some of the decline in online/advertised jobs breaking the downward trend cycle.
  • Finally, remember talented people who want to make a difference get hired in all market cycles…

Sectors still hiring:

  • Mining and Resources. Have you seen the iron ore and gold price?!
  • Government (Federal, health and security), State (core infrastructure).
  • Local Government
  • Defence (Cyber and NV1 security cleared candidates in demand)

Technology Skills (still) in demand

  • Java
  • Cloud (Google, AWS, Azure)
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • MS .Net Core
  • SAP (Hana)

Specific IT Job Titles in Demand (again)

  • Solution and Enterprise Architects
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Software Developers (Java, C#)
  • Business Analysts (SME’s in CRM, Data) 
200723 |

Source: Seek – IT WA Market Supply & Demand

200723 1 |

Source: Seek IT WA Difficulty to Source

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(We source and use data from a range of information sources which may include: Seek, ABS, ANZ job series, Jobadder, LinkedIn, Indeed, NPA, RCSA, APSCO and others).

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