The Apple Convention

The Apple Convention

You may have read one of my last blogs on “The iPhone Killer“, however now the time has come for Apple’s response. September has become the month of Apple’s product convention hosted in San Francisco. The event is where Apple announces its product line, yearly for new gadgets including, iPhones, iPads and tv – the rumoured Apple Car has not been spoke about as of yet.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

The new iPhone was announced – The iPhone 6s, and the 6s Plus. The new iPhone uses the same design as the previous version, however now also comes in a rose gold colour. The aluminium on the body is a new type of alloy (this will hopefully stop the “bendgate” issue which plagued the 6, which a number of people managed to bend the phone just in their pocket) and Apple has put stronger glass on the screen.

New feature – Force Touch. Apple’s new feature on the phone is Force Touch. Basically the harder you press the display will change the interaction which happens with the user. Lightly tap for one menu, and tap and hold for another.

Improvements – As mentioned previously the phone is made of a better material, the glass screen should be stronger, the processor has been boosted to an A9 chip, which is apparently 70% faster than the previous processor, the Camera has been bumped up to 12MP from 8MP in previous phone versions. The video is now 4K and the FaceTime camera has been boosted to 5MP. Wi-Fi should now also be faster too as the internals have had a rework.

iPad Pro and Mini 4

The iPad has been revamped with a new larger 12.9 inch screen. You can now attached a full size keyboard. Apple have put a new processor chip in this too, which they claim gives “desktop class performance”. It also supports 10 hour battery life and has a four speaker audio system. Apple have also allowed a stylus – dubbed the Apple Pencil to allow on the device. (This goes against what Steve Job’s always said about stylus’s).

Apple have also announced a new iPad mini too, the iPad mini 4, however details are a bit scarce at the minute. It basically packs the iPad Air 2 into a mini design.

Apple TV

Apple TV is getting an update, for the first time since 2012. Apple TV will now allow Siri control’s and also has a faster processor and has been slightly redesigned. It now also allows games to run on it.

Apple Watch

Apple is working on a new version of its Apple Watch operating system to update the phone with more features and benefits. They have also announced new metal finishes and watchbands.

As you can see Apple seems to have been labouring some time for a new product pipeline, however whether this will revive the recent company woes of lack of different products is yet to be seen.

A short video of the event can be seen below:

Will you be buying a new iPhone or other Apple Product – maybe its on your Christmas wishlist – I would be happy to hear about it below!

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