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Writing a cover letter

Wondering how to write a cover letter? Or, even if you should bother writing one at all? In today’s electronic age it is easy to forget the basic courtesies of applying for a job and the importance of writing cover letters to support your application are an often over-looked part of the process.


The value of writing a cover letter should not be under-estimated – it could mean the difference between you getting a chance to interview for a dream role or your resume getting lost under a pile of applications.


Your cover letter can be described as a sneak-peak to the main feature (your full resume!) and its main function is to get your CV read (find out how to write a CV). It is your chance to make personal contact and provide a link between you and the hiring manager for the position you are applying for.

Tips on how to write a cover letter :

How to structure your cover letter into four parts:

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