Cycle your way into a new Marketing/Product Management job

Have a passion for cycling?

Interested in Marketing Opportunities?

Or Have a passion for Product Management?

We have 2 fantastic opportunities for cycling enthusiasts working in a fast paced startup team.


Marketing Role

As part of the marketing engine for this team, you will be helping answer questions on social media; helping reach members of the cycling community to answer product questions; demonstrating how this companies’ product can help cyclists; find out and write stories for cyclists as part of a blog; help with sponsorship arrangements & more many more tasks in your varied day to day including CRM data entry.

You will be working on a blank canvas which is a great way to start as you can design the strategy moving forward.

Product Manager

As a product manager in this startup company you will be making sure that the product comes together as it is manufactured overseas.

The company has a number of products in the pipeline so you will be helping ensure these get commercialised and delivered to market. This role has a large travel portion, to ensure all partners and distributers are able to deliver what retailers need.

It would be good to have an understanding of technology and QA testing to ensure the products work, as these products aid the safety of cyclists. The company is a rapidly growing startup with distribution globally.

A passion for cycling is a must for both roles, so you understand the product and what it can bring to people.

For more information, please get in touch with Beacham Group on [email protected] & [email protected] or call 08 6143 5000 and ask for either Jason or Glenn.


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