Targeted Marketing: Understanding Your Ideal Client

Targeted Marketing: Understanding Your Ideal Client

There’s no point in doing a whole heap of marketing and expelling a lot of energy, time and money before being very clear on who exactly you want to target. Today we look at your ideal client or an ideal problem that you are trying to solve, or specific solution that your brand / product or service deals with and the people that will benefit from it.

If your current marketing plan is just trying to attract anybody and everyone, what tends to happen is that it attracts no one because it’s not specific enough.

I guess that means nobody wants a solution which is for “everyone”, we all want solutions which are specifically for us and for our needs. If you know exactly who you are trying to reach then you will know or find out exactly which platforms to find them and the type of message which will be irresistible to them.

Understanding your ideal client is about mind reading. Some pointers to begin with when trying to understand your target market a bit better is to know the following about them:

  • Gender
  • Age group
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Desires
  • Values
  • Where they live
  • Their income

If you’re an already established business, use information about some of your current clients that you’re already happy working with to describe your next ideal client. A good exercise is to write down 5-10 biggest desires that they have or the biggest problems they want solved by what your business or brand offers.

One sure way to find out your clients needs is to ask them. Some good tools which you can use to understand your clients even better FOR FREE include Survey Monkey, Google Trends to find out what people are searching and when, Keyword Tool tells you the volume of people searching for specific terms. Once you discover the terms people are looking for in relation to your business, those are the words and phrases you should be using in your social media posts too.

Now you can start applying these tools to your business and in my next posts we’ll learn how to use each social media platform so keep following and giving me your feedback.

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