I thought I would go for a different type of post this week, rather than focus on one particular thing, there are a number of areas that I think, especially in tech will be of interest in 2016. Here is my prediction of what could happen. I am keen to hear what you think as well so please leave feedback, and we can review it at the same time next year.

1. Tim Cook will get let go by Apple

At the time of writing this article, I did just open the current value of Apple shares. Low and behold they are going down. Based on recent reports Apple are slowing down orders from their suppliers.

On News.com.au, there is an article of Apple having lost $220 billion in value since July. Apple just isn’t current any more. They are solely relying on 1 product – the iPhone for their profits. The iPad and iPad Pro sales have sunk to an all-time low, and the iWatch… well who cares about that. It’s no secret that Apple has jumped on the Autonomous Car bandwagon either, but that will take some time to come off. If the iPhone 7 isn’t revolutionary or innovative, people will seriously consider jumping ship to stop being stuck in the past when LG, Samsung and others now have a lot more technology in their phone. Let’s face it all anyone wants is a phone where the battery lasts, it’s waterproof, and a screen that doesn’t break. We don’t need a phone as thin as a $5 note at the expense of this. Apple seriously needs to listen to customers if they are to keep their customer base. However, I think they won’t and at the next iPhone release, sales will be so bad, the directors will cull Tim Cook. Personally I see Tim Cook as the Steve Ballmer (noted as the worst CEO) of Apple, someone who just points them in totally the wrong direction.

2. The Windows Unity will begin to thrive

With the above noted, I believe that Microsoft will try to take advantage of an uncertainty in the market. If Microsoft can crack this, they will be onto a winner. Create one, unified platform where everything can work. Let’s face it, the convenience for developers and, us as users just to have everything on one platform that just works, would be revolutionary. It will stop the Android fragmentation, it would cut developers a break and just be simpler for everyone. Microsoft recently delayed the Windows 10 for Phone launch, which, is actually a good thing, it shows they are putting time and effort in it to make it a decent product, compared to a lot of software releases that have happened this year where they just need to be constantly patched to make them work such as Batman: Arkham Knight make by Warner Bro’s who had to offer refunds due to it being unplayable.

3. Virtual Reality will take over the world… or well not quite but we will get somewhere

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly talked of. There are a number of different makers including Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Gear VR, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive, to name a few. We are just at the cusp of what Virtual Reality can do. Some offices have started using VR to collaborate on projects remotely, which makes doing jobs like mine – recruitment, a bit different. As a recruiter we need to think how VR can enable people to work better over a distance as its definitely something that is going to happen now. From a gaming perspective and movie perspective, the potential is tremendous. Augmented reality (AR) will redefine experiences, but are still a bit far off. They will enable these two industries to be much more immersive and enable experiences like you have never had before – e.g. Could you imagine if you were in the cinema and it felt like you were a pilot in a Star Wars ship?

4. 3D Printing

3D printing in 2016 will become more consumer viable. I think it will enable things to take off with a lot of potential. It will allow a lot of creativity and break the startup bubble that is currently mainly software based. Don’t get me wrong platforms such as Uber and AirBnB have rapidly disrupted the industry this year however I would love to see people coming up with things that you could touch or feel. Last week I watched a program of “The most expensive Chirsmas” where people were creating things such as Baubles for Christmas Trees at $8000 each. Imagine if you could simple 3D print them. I see 3D printing as another way to stimulate business and allow new businesses to be formed. Stratasys and MakerBot are trying to get their 3D printers to consumers, so it may be a good year. It will move 3D printing from the enterprise space; where it has done wonders for Healthcare for example but there is much more to be seen.

5. Cyber Security – The 2016 Buzz Word

2015 Buzzword has definitely been Cloud. Everything has been moving to the cloud or is getting made in the cloud or is cloud based – and being a techy at heart, it makes me shudder. People jumping on the cloud buzzword when nothing has really changed. Anyway, rant over, 2016 I believe everyone will start talking about Cyber Security. How can you be safe online? How can people get access to your data? How many companies are getting data stolen, etc There have been a number of large companies this year such as Target that have had data stolen. The average mobile user now has approximately 10-15 apps and about five to six passwords. A lot of people allow Facebook to log in, and therefore if your data is taken, including password the damage could be immense. 2016 I believe will be a very important year for security, with the likes of Anonymous declaring Cyber War on organizations, it is definitely something we have to be wary of.