Wasted Time Before Appointments Hurts Your Bottom Line

Wasted Time Before Appointments Hurts Your Bottom Line

We’ve all rocked up to an appointment now and then and found that the client or colleague is not ready for you, or even completely forgot that you we’re meeting.

Or in the other hand, we’ve waited for a someone coming to meet you or to deliver a package often with scheduled time ranges such as between 12PM and 5PM.

There is now a simple solution for both those scenarios and it’s called Tamad.

Tamad is a mobile application that simply gives someone a heads up as you are travelling to an appointment.

The company was founded by Edward, a first gen Aussie determined to put the Perth start-up community on the global map. Tamad is also aware of a safety aspect of offering an alternative to texting while driving and made the decision to offer a basic version of the application for free for all users.

“If the app can save one person’s life, it could be worth it, but I believe it can benefit millions of users by saving time at appointments.” Edward Simakoloyi, CEO and Co-Founder.

How does Tamad help?

* Reduce wasted time when going to appointments by 50%

* Reduce wasted time when waiting for appointments by 50%

* Reduce wasted time when waiting for deliveries by 75%

* Reduce wasted time when making deliveries by 85%


To operate the app all you do is;

1. Select a contact – or enter a number

2. Enter a destination – where you’ll be meeting the person

3. Choose a time – when you want the Tamad to be sent

4. Press Send Tamad

Then Tamad takes if from there. As you are driving, an SMS will go out to your chosen contact at the chosen time, for example 10 minutes before arriving.Read


Tamad has included a solution for companies in form of an API that businesses can integrate with their existing software platforms instantly giving all their users these abilities.

“The software is fabulous. It’s the best way to let our clients know how far our deliveries are as our deliveries are very time conscious.” Amanda Lummis, Director of Cupid Catering (Customer)

So far, Tamad is a finalist for Most Innovative Collaborative Technology at the Incite Awards and for a CeBIT Business Technology Award for innovation.


Tamad’s core value is the belief that anyone can improve their lives by waking positive changes in habits using innovative technology. This is for most in the teams minds as we proceed to improve the application and develop accompanying products.

What’s your take on Tamad? Let us know about other innovative startups in the Perth community and join us in networking at some of the events listed in our Perth IT and Business Events calendar.

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