Certex Spotlight: Certification Superstars ‘Beacham Group’

Here at Certex we are always enthusiastically expounding on the benefits of certification and making compliance a priority for organisations. Beacham Group, one of our long-time clients, are a shining example of making that long-term commitment and reaping the rewards!


The Perth-based recruitment firm recently achieved Certex’s Talent Engagement Standard (TES) certification in all seven modules, making them the first organisation to do so! Since the TES’s release in 2015, many organisations have achieved TES certification however due to the structure of the standard, an organisation can pick and chose the modules that best fit their business objectives best. Achieving certification in all seven areas of the Standard – Quality, Safety, Employment and Contract Practices, Privacy, Right to Work, Recruitment and Talent Management – is a significant achievement and commitment to ethical and business best practice.


Beacham Group is a boutique recruitment firm based in WA that recruits in technology and prides themselves in providing an exceptional customer experience to candidates and clients. We spoke to Leonie from Beacham Group to discuss the organisation and their experience getting TES certified…

Why did you want to get TES Certified (especially in all 7 modules)?

Providing high-quality customer experience is very important to us at Beacham Group, and we achieve this by having quality systems and processes.

We were the first recruitment group to go through the [Talent Engagement Standard] certification when it first came out in 2015 and we were certified in Privacy, Safety, Immigration, and Quality. Since then, the standard has developed, and it was important for us to be certified against all modules. Now in 2020, we are also certified in Talent Management, Recruitment Management, and Employment and Contracts Practices.

At Beacham Group we strive for best practice and being certified and going through our annual audit validates our commitment to that.

How did you find the certification process?

The process of being certified through the audit process is always a great way to review the processes and systems in the business.

The process you go through with Certex helps you identify risks in the business and also any areas where you may need to develop your processes and systems.

Has it helped the business in any way already?

As we were the first recruitment firm to obtain the certification back in 2015, we have always been proud of that and used in it our marketing. Now we are the first recruitment firm in WA, the market that we operate in, we are certainly promoting that.

We have found when communicating about our certification to our customers, it is always positive.

It’s something we promote in tender responses and enjoy educating customers on the certification available in the industry.


This is a great step forward. In this day and age to have an industry stand up and say this is what performance looks like for us, these are our values, our duty to our customers… it’s a great thing. 


The Talent Engagement Standard

The Talent Engagement Standard (TES) sets best practice for organisations which recruit and manage workers.  The Standard is equally applicable to organisations which recruit and employ their workers directly, and outsourced service providers such as recruitment agencies, on-hire firms, contractor managers and payroll service providers. The TES has been created by the recruitment industry for the recruitment industry and is a JAS-ANZ endorsed certification scheme which puts on a similar platform as ISO and other international standards.

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