Bec from Beacham Group Renews First Aid Qualifications

Rebecca Conti completing her First Aid training with St John WA.

Rebecca Conti, Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator at Beacham Group completing her First Aid training with St John WA.

Your work colleague has just been stung by a box jellyfish while going about their daily activities at work.  Would you or a fellow worker know the importance of rinsing off the stings with seawater, NOT freshwater?


On a serious note, emergencies requiring first aid can happen anywhere at anytime, and at Beacham Group we take your safety seriously.  Not only are we certified in the Safety Management module of Certex’s Talent Engagement Standard, but we are also compliant with St John’s nationally accredited first aid course. 


In fact, one of our staff members, Rebecca Conti, obtained her first aid certificate this week!  Aside from being officially trained to treat the team for ‘Shock’ when they receive 50 job orders in a day, she was also able to pass on invaluable knowledge such as how the St John First Responder App can locate nearby medical centres – including live Emergency Department waiting time information. 


Providing immediate and effective first aid to workers or others who have been injured or become ill at the workplace may reduce the severity of the injury or illness.  In some cases, it could mean the difference between life and death.


There is no better time than now to ensure your team has the skills and knowledge to act in an emergency, and that your office is equipped with an accessible, and well maintained first aid kit.

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  • It is recommended that to maintain your skills and knowledge:
    • First Aid qualifications should be renewed every 3 years
    • Refresher training in CPR should be carried out every 12 months
  • As a rule of thumb there should be one first aider for every:
    • 50 workers in low-risk workplaces (for example, an office)
    • 25 workers in high-risk workplaces (for example, a construction site)
    • 10 workers in remote high-risk workplaces (for example, a mine).

It is extremely important to know who your office first aiders are, and that you report any risks, near misses or incidents to management immediately and follow your workplace safety procedures.  If you would like to know more about our Work Health and Safety procedures, click here.

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