One+ 2 – The 2016 Flagship Killer

Written by Jason Crooks – Associate Recruitment Consultant


Mobile phones – The majority of the world has one now days with the latests statistics saying that the world has about 6 billion active cell phone subscribers.

There is a great, somewhat healthy debate of who’s phone is better, between Apple and Samsung who focus a lot on high end flagship models, such as the Apple iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for example. An interesting graphic can be seen below of smartphone market share.

There are a number of emerging mobile phone makers however who have taken a different approach; rather than purely targeting the high cost bracket which I personally judge on the back of their brand rather than hardware.

“IHS Technology, estimates it costs Apple $226.21 for materials and manufacturing to make the iPhone 6. IHS says it costs Apple $243.74 to make the iPhone Plus.

That’s like a mark-up of 500 per cent on the Plus 128GB version”


Question: If anything was marked up anywhere else at 500%, would you buy it?


OnePlus was a company founded on the 16th December 2013. The company’s main goal was to design the “dream” smartphone – a balance of a high end device at lower cost. Despite the lower cost the CEO said users would “never settle” for lower quality products that other manufactures make. “Never Settle” is OnePlus’s tagline.


“The OnePlus One was officially unveiled on 23 April 2014 for a limited release on 25 April: described as a “flagship killer”, its prices were set at US$299 and US$349 for the 16 GB and 64 GB models respectively—which one critic estimated was roughly half the price of the then recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S5.”


OnePlus came up with a new system to make their phone available – an invite system, where you could register your interest and you would slowly work through the queue until you are able to purchase one.


Just yesterday, (28th July 2015 10AM AWST) OnePlus announced their new phone – the OnePlus 2. Labeled the Flagship killer of 2016. “With the OnePlus 2, we have something bold to say. We believe that great products come from great ideas, not multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. We believe “that’s just the way things are” is almost the wrong answer. Most of all, we believe that great things should be shared”.


The phone has some amazing spec’s against current phones in the market including: 4GB of memory, and a 3,300mAh battery – so hopefully a smartphone that will last more than half a day and dual sim support. It has a 13MP rear camera with laser focus, and 6 lenses to avoid distortion.


OnePlus attempted to do a virtual reality launch, however honestly it didn’t go well yesterday.


The very attractive thing about the OnePlus 2, is the pricetag. The 64GB version is looking to be only $389, which is about a 3rd of the price of the iPhone, and half of the latest Samsung, and for better specs.


Sometimes you need to support the smaller company. If I manage to get through the queue of 321,000 people, hopefully I will buy one!

The video can be seen here: <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


You can see the design of the phone at:

Interchangeable backs are cool feature now days, at least you can give the phone a bit of personality.


What phone do you use? Would you ever consider changing to a less well known brand for specs and features or prefer to go with more well known brands?

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