Windows 10 Release: Pro’s and Cons

Written by Jason Crooks – Associate Recruitment Consultant

Windows 10 is coming on the 29th July this year; yes, Microsoft skipped 9 so don’t worry you haven’t missed something. Although Windows 8.1 did well in Sales, mainly from preloaded machines, it could not come close to the popularity of Windows 7.

Windows 10 looks to establish a new playing field in regards to unity across all platforms – PC, Tablet and Phone, which has long been awaited. This means that Microsoft has finally realised people want to use other OS platforms – iOS, Android for example and now programs on those platforms will easily be able to come across to Windows. Microsoft are finally listening to their customers in regards to what what people are looking for from their OS.


Windows 10 Pros

Start Menu – The Start Menu is back! It has been merged with the new metro style menu however brings back the beloved functionality of the Windows Operating System, which has been in place since Windows 95.

Free Upgrade – The upgrade is potentially free as well, for people who upgrade in the first year. “Microsoft operating system chief Terry Myerson announced that current users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 will be able to upgrade to the new operating system for free as long as they do so within one year of Windows 10’s launch.” This is providing you have a licensed version of Windows.


My personal favourite – 4 way Windows Snap. If you haven’t used Windows Snap before simply drag a Window left/right and it will come to half the screen size, which is really handy if you are comparing one thing against another or copying something from the internet to type into Word for example. Windows 10 now means you can do this 4 times! Productivity can go through the roof!


Windows 10 Cons

Early Adoption – Early adoption usually always comes with a headache in today’s world. It is very rare when a product gets launched that there is not a few bugs or flaws. Microsoft has had this with the majority of OS’s it has released. Remember the Millennium Bug? Or with Windows XP where you couldn’t play games without installing a patch – that one got me personally.


Old peripherals – as with any update, drivers of older peripherals may not be made available, so if you have an old printer or scanner you love, it may not be supported.


Requirements – In order to run Windows 10 you require a minimum of 1GHZ processor, up to 2GB of RAM, up to 20GB of hard drive space and a basic graphics card. These requirements are pretty basic.


Personally I will be upgrading, you can actually pre-order your upgrade –


On a final note, remember the default background of Windows XP, lovely rolling hills or Windows 7 nice blue background. The new default picture is below – what’s your thoughts?


If you would like to know any more, please get in touch!

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