Working from home – the new way of work

There are many of us now setting up office at home and trying to navigate our way through what might be the new normal for coming, weeks, even months. Here are some tips on transitioning to working from home.

Working from home

Don’t change your daily routine

Set your alarm for the same time you would if you were going into the office, it’s important to keep up your regular morning routine. Get out of your pjs too, it will help set up your day and have you in the right mindset.

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Get exercising in your spare time

You might find you have some extra time in your day now that you are not commuting into the office, use that time to exercise! It’s so important for physical and mental health. Head out for a walk or jog, or if you’re in lockdown find an exercise tutorial on you tube to follow.


Check in with your supervisor and co-workers regularly

It can be really lonely working from home so make sure you are still having conversations during the day. Teams should be doing regular video conferencing calls to engage at home workers and check in calls


Have regular breaks

In the office you have many distractions during the day and reasons to get up and move about the office. Don’t forget to do the same at home. I set an alarm in my phone for every 2 hours while I work, to remind myself to have a 10 minute break. This also helps if you struggle with being home and thinking about all the things that need to be done around the house. For example, in your 10 minute break you could hang a load of washing out, or peel the potatoes that go with dinner that night. Just make sure you get up and move regularly, then refocus and get back to work!


Understand your responsibilities

Employers need to know that the environment your working in is safe. If you’re sent a self-evaluation checklist for your workspace, make sure you complete this timely and accurately. If you need equipment to make your workspace more ergonomically friendly, then tell your employer that. If the situation changes at home, you also have to notify your employer. All the in the

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The kids at home and you’re trying to work – with school still open here and school holidays still 3 weeks away we may not be thinking about this one yet, but its worthwhile planning for! Depending on the age of your kids, you may want to start saving your recyclable materials which could make great craft projects or buying activity books when you’re at the shops.


One great tip I have read about being home working with the children in the house, is make it easy for them to identify when you’re working. Again, this is all dependant on age! I have seen photos on social media of parents at their desks wearing hi-vis vests, silly hats, feather boas, anything visual and easy to identify for the kids.

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Reach out if you need help

With the ever-changing times and situation that we find ourselves in, it’s important we keep in check with our mental health.  Should you be experiencing any issues such as financial hardship, relationship problems, family issues or any other factors that affect your mental health, check with your employer if they have an Employee Assistance Program, many employers do. These allow you to access free counselling sessions , paid for by your employer and are strictly confidential. Your employer does not know which employees access the service.

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