Selfie Video Resumes – the new “get hired quick” hack!

Selfie Video Resumes – the new “get hired quick” hack!

Do you feel like you’re a little inexperienced when it comes to interviewing for jobs and want to know how you really come across? Ever missed out on that awesome job opportunity because you knew you mucked up your interview?

Dare I say it…ahem, but take a leaf out of KK’s “book” (aka Kim Kardashian), and go one step further and video yourself in your own mock interview – your own selfie video!

It’s a very simple and easy to implement tip to help improve your next job interview, and more importantly help you land that role you really want.

Getting started is very easy. Like most of the population, you probably already own a mobile phone that records video in HD (or know a friend who can help), you need a tripod (we recommend Joby – and have a list of potential interview questions (here’s a link to the 50 most common interview questions from Glassdoor – If you have a friend, better half, family member, another person; who can ask you some of the interview questions, even better, but practice the following:

  • Actively listening to the actual question asked (you would be surprised how many job applicants think the interviewer is asking something else and respond with a random, non-related answer);
  • Respond clearly, logically, and provide relevant example/s to support your background, expertise and skills keeping your response to a couple of minutes. Don’t ramble and breathe!. Remember the classic S.T.A.R interview technique?.
  • Make sure your response has a mix of Quantitative AND Qualitative information. It helps differentiate yourself and show some of your personality and cultural fit.

Finally, remember it’s okay to make mistakes and lots of them. You want to see the real you; in stunning high definition video, not how you think you are!. Have a few cringe moments and good laugh at yourself, that’s the point of doing this invaluable exercise.

The better you get at interviewing and ultimately “selling yourself” the more success you are likely to have in your future career. Remember, everyday people are ‘interviewing’ you in a variety of ways.

It’s time to put the selfie stick away, get a tripod, some interview questions and put your mobile phone to ‘video’ good use!

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