Market Update – August 2020

Monthly Technology Market Update Perth, Western Australia, August 2020

August from what we heard was “solid” by all accounts all things considered.  While several large organisations completed restructures and did not renew some contractors, a number of candidates did secure new roles “off the market.” 

Remember, it’s market cycles like this that test whether you have future proofed your career or not.


Reference check (or not at your peril):

As a candidate in demand I’m sure you get tapped on the shoulder often about prospective work opportunities.  While you may know mates and the ‘sizzle’ sounds really good, always do your own independent cross checking and due diligence.  Don’t make changes to your career plan without asking lots of “hard” questions.  Seems obvious, but we’ve heard a few people didn’t follow their process due to a C-19 mindset, and things did not go to plan.


As a hiring manager do your own reference checks, including using those of a specialist recruiter.  If you can, meet with the referee face to face for a coffee and ask the questions you really want answered. It has a massive ROI.


Here is our August update on Perth’s information technology community.

Your key takeaway –

Ø  Remember you have a “blended rate/salary” across your career – while you have been paid/earned X in the past, the current market cycle is down (Australia is officially in a recession), and your role may not be paid the same as it was in the past. That’s okay. Talent work on a blended rate/salary where you meet the market dependent on what the prevailing pay rate is at the time.  Follow the cycle and maintain your employment.  Don’t be unemployed hanging out for a higher rate of pay, because your ego says you should be paid more than what’s on offer.  The numbers don’t stack up in the long-term. 

Ø  In WA, Mining & resources and government continue to be the two main revenue sources for firms at present.  Again, a couple of other industries are starting to shine, however.

Ø  Finally, remember to focus on being that person who makes a genuine difference.


Sectors still hiring:

·       Mining and Resources.  Core commodity prices are still heading in the right direction!  

·       Niche consulting firms with targeted service offerings (strategic roadmaps etc)

·       Software Development focused firms integrating with larger application architecture.


Technology Skills (still) in demand

Specific IT Job Titles in Demand (again)

  • Cognos and related skills
  • Java (even more so now!)
  • Software and Services Sales  
  • MS .Net Core
  • Cyber Security
  • Automation Testing


  • Automation Testers
  • Sales Executives (modern workplace)
  • Full Stack Software Developers
  • Solution and Enterprise Architects
  • Business Analysts (CRM Salesforce)
  • Business Analysts (DevOps Technical)


Advertised IT positions (WA only) – Difficulty to fill

Aug Pic 1 |

(Source: Seek Analytics, August 2020)

Year on Year Change in Market Demand for candidates – Western Australia

Aug Pic 2 |

 (Source: Seek Analytics, June 2019 vs June 2020)

Year on Year change in advertised Information Technology jobs – Western Australia

Aug Pic 3 |

(Source: Seek Analytics. August YoY jobs advertised vs views).

LinkedIn Hiring Trends by Job Function

Aug Pic 4 |

(Source: LinkedIn Hiring Trends Australia Aug 2020)

Australian Industries with the most job openings

Aug Pic 5 |

(Source: LinkedIn Hiring Trends Australia Aug 2020)

(We source, acknowledge and use data from a range of information sources which may include: Federal & State government bodies, Seek, ABS, IBS, ANZ job series, Jobadder, LinkedIn, Indeed, NPA Worldwide, RCSA, APSCO and many others).

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