Market Update – June 2020

Monthly Technology Market Update Perth, Western Australia, June 2020

How are you going? It’s a simple, but powerful question, particularly this year.  And it’s a question we understand a number of people have been asking more with their teams, peers and mates which is fantastic.  Over the last few months we’ve also seen more ‘humanity’ based decision-making creeping back in some organisation’s DNA as they look after their employees better, who in turn deliver their customer (experience) which takes care of cash flow and the balance sheet…

Workplaces of the future look to be shifting faster towards employee experience (EX) first before UX/CX (user/customer experience).


June for most West Australian businesses is traditionally a busy period.  Our monthly hiring and employment snapshot shows more positive news post March/April as new business plans were put into place and actioned.

We’ve provided some brief analysis to highlight sectors still hiring, and roles being filled in Western Australia which may validate some of your thinking, experience and strategies going forward this year. 


Your key takeaway – we’ve seen more activity in the “below the line” job market as employers seek to hire people on short term contracts to fill gaps and spend remaining budgets.

A handful of clients are also asking for small teams of people (2-4 people on average) for niche, discrete pieces of technology transformation work (i.e. “can we have an Architect, BA and Developer for POC or MVP initiative please”).


Sectors still hiring:

  • Mining and Resources
  • Mid-market FMCG firms (ERP replacement and mini digital transformations)
  • Gambling and Gaming
  • Local Government
  • Defence (NV1 security cleared candidates in demand)

Technology Skills in demand

Specific IT Job Titles in Demand (again)

  • Java
  • Cloud (Google, AWS, Azure)
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • MS .Net Core
  • SAP (Hana)
  • Solution and Enterprise Architects
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Software Developers (Java, C#)
  • Business Analysts (SME’s in CRM, Data)
  •  Information Management.
Picture 1 |

ICT roles difficulty to source in Western Australia.  May 2020 (Source: Seek Analytics).

Picture 2 |

Market Job Demand in Western Australia May 2019 vs May 2020. (Source: Seek Analytics)

Picture 3 |

West Australian ICT Market Demand Year on Year (May).  (Source: Seek Analytics)

Picture 4 |

New job orders across Jobadder Australian client base. (Source: Jobadder)

(We source and use data from a range of information sources which may include: Seek, ABS, ANZ job series, Jobadder, LinkedIn, Indeed, NPA, RCSA, APSCO and others).

For more detailed information on any of the data presented, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at Beacham Group. We're here to help.

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