The Internet Of Things

Written by Jason Crooks – Associate Recruitment Consultant

You’ve probably heard the buzz words – “ The Internet of Things” but have you been sitting there thinking, what does it actually mean?


I’m going to go back to my childhood days (sorry if this makes you feel a bit old) but, there was a fantastic film called Flubber starring the late Robin Williams which had a great example of what the internet of things is shaping up to be… I’ve included the movie below (watch from the start for the kitchen scene)


Imagine if all your devices could talk to each other, so for example like above everything was made and ready for you when your alarm was going off in the morning. How much easier would life be….


The Internet of things is exactly that. It is the idea of the devices in your life having the ability to communicate with each other, so there is less human interaction needed. IDC predicts that by 2020 there will be over 212 billion connected systems. These systems will connect people to people, people to things and things to things.

The Internet of things will allow virtually endless opportunities for connections to take place to enable things like better cities, that can change and adapt to the environment such as optimizing traffic lights to ease congestion by monitoring the roads properly, to smart lighting of the streets, enabling individual lights to turn on rather than all at once on set timers. Anything that has an IP address, e.g. phones, computers and embedded devices will be able to talk to each other.


If you read one of my last blogs –Windows 10 Release: Pros and Cons – one of the things, I didn’t mention was that Windows 10 has a large focus on being compatible for Internet of thing’s type devices, such as embedded systems.


Intel, one of the largest chip makers in the world, recently held their annual Intel Developer Forum and their focus was on Internet of Things devices, and for this they have a new core technology called “Power on via voice” enabling you to literally turn on a device by speaking to it.


I’ve included a great infographic below so you can get an idea of what might be coming.

If you have 17 minutes spare to, Dr John Barrett gives a great overview of The Internet of Things.



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