Windows 10 – One year on

Previously I wrote about Windows 10, the pro’s and con’s of it before the release (which you can read here). We are almost a year on, since Microsoft released Windows 10, which has been one of Microsoft’s most successful operating systems in terms of adoption rate. Above you can see three data sources showing Windows … Read more

Google’s Virtual Reality is coming!

You may have read a previous blog I did about Rift – a virtual reality headset backed and owned by Facebook earlier this year; however Google is now planning to release their own, that isn’t made simply of cardboard. This makes complete sense, as in another blog – I mention that VR hit Youtube,which is … Read more


Whether you have used it or not, the majority of people now days have heard of Uber – if you haven’t, have you been living under a rock? Well Uber is a ride sharing service that allows users to use use their phones to submit a trip request, where Uber drivers use their own cars … Read more

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