RoboRace – The next level of Formula 1?

Following a recent trend in my Tech Monday blog series, from autonomous vehicles, to autonomous motorbikes, today’s post has a combination of the two! I bring you ROBORACE. Last year Formula E created the first race exclusively for electric cars (with human drivers). Now, after two seasons of championships, the organisers have started preparing another … Read more


You have probably heard the phrase Bitcoins and wondered what they are or simply shrugged them off as you didn’t understand them, hopefully this blog post may clear a few things up. Bitcoins came out / were published when I was at University – 2008/9, and I remember thinking at the time – Oh cool, … Read more

Technology & its diversity problem – Is your workplace diverse?

Diversity within is a huge problem – for example the amount of women in Technology is vastly smaller than the number of men in technology. The Tech Power houses have shed some light on their diversity figures, which paints a shocking picture. Last year, in response to critics who accused them of being comprised almost … Read more

Virtual Reality has hit YouTube!

Whether you like it or are scared of it, personally I think VR (virtual reality) will be huge next year. I have spoke with a number of businesses recently that are focusing on that area as they move forward, especially start-ups. If we’ve learned anything in the past 10+ years at YouTube it’s that capturing … Read more

iPad Pro VS Surface Pro 4 – Pro’s Con’s & The Comparison

With only 68 days till Christmas (sorry, possibly the worst way to start a blog post), some people may be considering a new Tech purchase for the holiday period. Recently Apple and Microsoft have announced new tablet devices which are larger than others on the market. Apple have the iPad Pro, and Microsoft have released … Read more


On Saturday 19th September, I attended a different type of event – a CoderDojo hosted at the Central Institute of Technology. It was being run by someone I have been in contact with recently, who invited me along to the event. What I saw was incredible. The talent of some of the children today, aged … Read more

The Apple Convention

You may have read one of my last blogs on “The iPhone Killer“, however now the time has come for Apple’s response. September has become the month of Apple’s product convention hosted in San Francisco. The event is where Apple announces its product line, yearly for new gadgets including, iPhones, iPads and tv – the … Read more

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